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Our Colocation Services allow you to access and host your servers remotely and ensure a high level, professionally maintained, secure installation

Virtual PoP

(Virtual PoP)

Virtual PoP, or vPoP, Expand your native presence immediately and allows the end-customers connect to your business in any location worldwide.


Export/ Import

IOR/EOR processes from a professional company, can bring you benefits from global trading, where you can find the best deals, due to their strong core establishment of local entities, partners and clients.

Remote/smart Hands


Stay focused on business growth without worrying about equipment

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Data Center

IPTP Networks Data Center

DC Matrix 4
Matrix 4 is IPTP Networks’ world-class data center, built using industry-leading solutions and technologies

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DC Kermia
Kermia 1 is IPTP Networks’ carrier-neutral facility in Cyprus – a strategic destination at the heart of the Middle East, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa

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DC San Isidro
IPTP Networks data center located in Lima (Peru) – DC San Isidro is one of the leading premium-level carrier-neutral data centers among the area

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Global Network and Points of Presence

The fastest content delivery is guaranteed by the best possible routes available via our low latency channels and diversified network connectivity. Each dedicated server is connected to our privately owned backbone with access to 228 points of presence around the world.

Global Network

Strategic infrastructure built for client-success

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Data Center Services increase efficiency and business productivity by creating an improved way to deliver data center resources, increase business continuity and enhance the security of your data, adapting to current and future business demands.

We offer comprehensive Hosting/Co-location capabilities, and provide the secure hosting of Web or other application servers, and related Internet connectivity. We offer optional scaling from basic co-location where you own the equipment, to traditional Web hosting – where the provider owns the servers and all related equipment. Our services provide space, power, and network access in especially equipped and environmentally controlled data center with redundant power and 24/7 network connectivity.

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