Low latency routes

Global network with the best paths designed for speed, security and reliability. Looking high and low for lightning-speed connection to global markets?

Low Latency Routes are built for real-time, latency-sensitive, global digital activities. IPTP leverages our global private backbone to provide you with the lowest latency possible for your sensitive information and critical data. Access worldwide markets and financial hubs via our metro, regional and international routes. Can’t find the path you want? Besides operating the Low Latency Routes, we can also build new paths upon request. Pull ahead of the competition with the fastest access speed and the lowest latency.

Reach people across the globe with our intercontinental connection.



Resilient, stable and reliable connectivity between all points-of-presence (POP) where we operate in America & LATAM.



Our network set up POPs in various important colocation facilities in London, Amsterdam, Marseilles, Frankfurt, Zurich, Stockholm, Dubai, Johannesburg and many other key EMEA locations.



Reach out to desired financial centres in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, and Sydney or access new growth markets in South East Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, or Thailand.

IPTP Low Latency Routes. Where milliseconds matter.

Scalable from 10Mbps to 100Gbps bandwidth, without any service disruption.

Enjoy maximum network uptime with full redundancy, constant monitoring and backup options (link protection and node protection).

We constantly assess the market to ensure we get access to the best paths to maintain the lowest latency possible.

Backed by a 24×7 global network management team and SLA for excellent performance.

To check the latency and paths between cities please use the Best Path tool.