File Repository

Setting up file repository (WebDAVS SVN)

There are several ways to gain access to your file repository:

1) From any operation system with SVN client

Set up Subversion on your computer, and you can do any operation using the command-line interface.

To import files to the repository:
svn import {path to directory to be imported}{name of your repository}

To create a local copy of the repository:
svn checkout{name of your repository}

To commit changes into the repository, provided you are under the root user of the local copy:
svn commit -m "{comment about changes}"

2) From Microsoft Windows with a WebFolder

Open the Network Neighborhood Folder and create a new WebFolder with the path:{name of your repository}

3) From Linux/Unix in Gnome Desktop with Nautilus

Open Nautilus and in “Menu” select Fail option Connect Server. In a new window, select the Service Type Secure WebDAV (HTTPS) and with server, enter in the field “Folder” /svn/{name of your repository}, and enter in the field “User” your username.

4) Read-only access from any computer with an Internet Browser

Open the following path in your Internet Browser for read-only access of your repository{name of your repository}