When you need to ship different IT equipment you have to solve a lot of problems – to find a carrier, to issue cargo documents, to arrange the package, to proceed with customs formalities, etc. It is easy to be frustrated with so many issues. But don’t worry, let our logistics team do this job for you and you’ll get a fast and high-quality delivery decision!

Why IPTP Logistic department?

We’re a multinational company with 10 offices worldwide and we are able to deliver required equipment to almost any desired location in the world, any continent and country. Our offices are located in key transport nodes such as Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Amsterdam, New York, Lima and other big cities. We have points of presence in more than 64 cities all over the world. It means that we could deliver your order to any destination, any DC or office

We have strong business relations with the most reliable courier and transport companies in the world. So, we could arrange not just fast, but safe delivery for sure. The most convenient feature is that you could track your delivery at any stage of shipment from any point in the world.

But when we’re talking about the delivery of IT equipment we’re also talking about customs clearance and licensing! These procedures are very important and could be done by our specialists in prompt order. We know import and export legislations of many countries and we’ll help you to issue correct cargo documents to proceed with customs without any delays. But not only the cargo documents, but licenses and permissions, which could be required by different countries for import and export.

So, when you decide to arrange delivery of IT equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us and you’ll get not just good results, but you also save your time and money!